Waterfall Bench with a Terrazzo Inlay


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Can be custom made, to your choice of glass color in terrazzo.

This beautifully designed minimalist bench can add a new touch to your exterior décor. In addition to imparting a sophisticated and elegant look to your patio, this bench promotes positive energy in your space. 

A perfect solution for an outdoor living area with wind and weather elements, such as a residence on the ocean or the river, because this is a solid concrete bench. There will
be no reason to store this bench, even during hurricane season. It features a perfectly sanded final finish to the terrazzo that ultimately brings the terrazzo glass to life. The
waterfall edge is clean fine lines crafted with an elegantly sharp look. Outdoor bench in an art form that also provides a starting point.

The 1.5-inch border enclosing the matching terrazzo textured pattern creates a clear line of demarcation, separating the simple cool-toned grey with the decorative blue neutral tone terrazzo. The Aggregate comprises blue, grey, white, and mustard glass chips, sea shells, and mother-of-pearl pieces. 

The design possibilities are endless when you use terrazzo-designed products. Any sustainable organic materials can be used to create the Aggregate. Giving you the option to create any design that you like. The possibilities are truly endless! 

Interested in this product but would like to add a personal touch to its design? This product’s design can be customized to better suit your needs. Make changes to the concrete’s color and the color and texture of the terrazzo finish. Our Artisan can create anything you envision. For inspiration for different design finishes, please view our Portfolio. If interested in a custom piece, go to our Inquiries Page and complete the prompt.

As all products made using natural materials are, concrete products are unique, making no two products the same. Each product will have slight variations and imperfections that naturally occur during manufacturing. At Coulter Designs, we never sell the idea of perfect products because, with any natural material, it is not possible. What we do promise is expertly crafted products that will last a lifetime.


Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 18 in




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