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Bring new life into your business space with Coulter’s custom designs. Coulter Designs bring any vision to reality. From Italian plasters and designer insets for enhancing your business’ walls to unique Industrial strength counter tops, our artisan can do it all! Add some custom-made furniture and decor to add to your business.

Coulter Designs specializes in industrial-grade countertops and solid concrete slabs that are easy to install. What makes our countertops unique is that each top is entirely custom designed. We can embed organic material directly into the concrete substrate, such as seashells, beads, coins, or even our traditional glass terrazzo. We can also integrate a personal theme into your office space with graphic designs and unique backsplashes.

Unique and decorative walls using Coulter Designs’ concrete overlays are premier design treatments that provide a lightweight coating to walls with a thickness formulated for an array of added designs, textures, and embellishments. Coulter Designs can create free-standing installation wall designs to truly add an artistic architectural feature to a residential or commercial space. Alternatively, vertical coatings can be applied over existing wall substrates, including drywall.