Coquina Textured Vessel Accessories


Candles, fruit, flowers & wine bottle not included

If the desire is to acquire a full set of coastal coordinating accessories to complete the design with the finishing touch, this is an incredible one-step accomplishment. Coulter Designs accessories are known for their functional shapes, streamlined procedures, and industrial materials, forming attractive one-of-a-kind vessels.

The coastal texture of these concrete vessels is a Coulter Design classic finish. It can be compared to the sedimentary rock and crushed shells forming the look of coquina. The finish is a universal neutral color that quickly introduced and flowed well in almost any color scheme. The impression or look of crushed shells in the texture of the finished product makes it a pleasant addition to any space where a coastal design is desired.

This Set of Textured Concrete Vessels Comprises 1 Square Trapezoid Vessel, 1 Medium Round Bowl, 1 Large Round Platter Vessel, 1 Floral Vase, and 2 Wine Chillers. At Coulter Design, we can also customize any set that we create. The possibilities and imagination are endless.

The method of craftsmanship is well thought out, with clean architectural angular lines, a perfectly honed finish, and soft, masterfully crafted edges. The angles are proportionately mathematically designed to be pleasing to the viewer and smooth to the touch. The process involves finely sanding the piece over and over until the finished product is a fine-tuned masterpiece. Form and function are always the first when considering the beginning of the design process at Coulter.

The Square Trapezoid Vessel is a breathtaking primo design with perfectly proportioned angles. The Medium Round Bowl is a deep dish and is such a fabulous piece with many uses. The Large Round Platter Vessel is impressive and attractive, with balanced symmetry. The Floral Vase is also very versatile in its functions and truly quite uniquely made of honed concrete. The Wine Chillers have a level base and are very sturdy, which makes them not only practical, but they are also sophisticated coastal housewarming or grand opening gifts of any kind.

They have become a customers’ all-time favorite item for gift giving! One of the greatest attributes that describe these vessels is that they are aesthetically pleasing
functional additions to any home. They can also be purchased to have several exceptional gifts in one

Want to make this piece match your space perfectly? Whether you would like to use a different colored concrete finish or a terrazzo finish, we can create any custom pieces based on your needs. You think it, and we can do it! Please email us at suppo[email protected] to inquire about customizing your product.

Interested in this product but would like to add a personal touch to its design? This product’s design can be customized to suit your needs better. Make changes to the concrete’s color and the texture of the finish. Our Artisan can create anything you envision. For inspiration for different design finishes, please view our Portfolio. If interested in a custom piece, go to our Inquiries Page and complete the prompt.

As all products made using natural materials are, concrete products are unique, making no two products the same. Each product will have slight variations and imperfections that naturally occur during manufacturing. At Coulter Designs, we never sell the idea of perfect products because, with any natural material, it is not possible. What we do promise is expertly crafted products that will last a lifetime.

Weight 40 lbs