Small Cylinder Pendant with Small Circular Cutouts


Like many Coulter Designs accessories, this pendant is highly distinctive in design and form. Built and hand-crafted to withstand the elements, it can be installed outdoors as a single pendant or several in a row over an exterior kitchen countertop or dining tables in outdoor living spaces. Though we are excited to have this in our repertoire, it is not specified by any means to only outdoor use. This finely made pendant is just as stunning in the interior installations, making it dually functional in purpose for the home. The Tower Pendant could also be used in a commercial application such as restaurant lighting or hotel lobbies. The options of
where this pendant can be placed is quite limitless and can be used just about anywhere.

The cylindrical body of this pendant is made of finely mixed concrete for a sturdy composition with a perfectly proportioned style. These lighting fixtures are sculpted by a master craftsman not to look bulky but to be just the right size. The light from the inside of the pendant illuminates through the cut circles that form a lovely random pattern, making each pendant unique. The designer texture of the concrete cylinder tower pendant is easily compared to that of the classic sedimentary rock resembling the look of coquina. The finish is a universal neutral color that is quickly introduced and flows well in almost any color scheme. The impression or look of crushed shells in the texture of the finished product makes it a pleasant addition to any
space where a coastal design is desired. The overall shape of the pendant also makes it very versatile in style, spanning from transitional to contemporary, from urban design to industrial modern. The selection of this pendant is just a great solution to your lighting needs!

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 in