Concrete Bauhaus Round Mirror


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Inspired by Bauhaus Design, this circular mirror is distinguished by the geometric characteristic of a simple round shape, a rich simplistic architectural design element with precise clean lines. This simple shape is useful with little ornamentation to emphasize the craftsmanship and aesthetic of the smoothness of the concrete. The art of crafting this skillfully sculpted round casing is the work of master craftsmanship. The use of modern concrete materials gives it that Bauhaus feel. Contributing to the field of industrial design, it makes a sophisticated yet casual impression. It is sincerely elegant with its reduced subtle textures and bold form.

This luxurious mirror features a simple natural white concrete frame around a large round mirror. The approach to the design is an artistic vision combined with an emphasis on function. Coulter Design purposely connected the design term “form follows function” to this piece. Using this design concept, the goal was to use genuine concrete materials to create a work of art with architectural style. The contemporary design, which also can easily be specified in a transitional environment, can be used indoors or outdoors. There is a combination of artists and craftsmen in every piece. It is important to note that Coulter Design, from the beginning, not only emphasizes refined architectural style but combines
craftsmanship and the fine arts to create accessories and furniture that are outstandingly beautiful, with an emphasis on function as well.

This minimalist circular mirror makes a grand addition to any wall in the home or commercial application to announce the knowledge of good design.
Showcase it as a decorative accent mirror, pair it with a sink and vanity top, or even two for a master suite bath. Place the Coulter Design Bauhaus mirror on any wall of your home to reflect light and complement your desired decor!

Interested in this product but would like to add a personal touch to its design? This product’s design can be customized to suit your needs better. Make changes to the concrete’s color and the texture of the finish. Our Artisan can create anything you envision. For inspiration for different design finishes, please view our Portfolio. If interested in a custom piece, go to our Inquiries Page and complete the prompt.

As all products made using natural materials are, concrete products are unique, making no two products the same. Each product will have slight variations and imperfections that naturally occur during manufacturing. At Coulter Designs, we never sell the idea of perfect products because, with any natural material, it is impossible. What we do promise is expertly crafted products that will last a lifetime.




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