Coquina Textured Sconces with Circular Cutouts


Per Pair

The perfect addition to your patio or outdoor space, our matching Concrete Sconces are handmade with natural white concrete. The contemporary decorative piece highlights the natural look of concrete, allowing its texture to shine. Each sconce features various-sized manicured holes that add to the dimensions of the pieces.

The Sconces use one bulb each, and the light streams through the central opening on the bottom and casts a direct light downwards. Light also flows through the manicured holes, using more diffused light. This pair of decorative contemporary flush wall sconces highlight the concrete’s natural texture, while various holes throughout the piece make for a unique dimension. Perfect for use as accent lights.

Interested in this product but would like to add a personal touch to its design? This product’s design can be customized to better suit your needs. Make changes to the concrete’s color and the texture of the finish. Our Artisan can create anything you envision. For inspiration for different design finishes, please view our Portfolio. If interested in a custom piece, go to our Inquiries Page and complete the prompt.

As all products made using natural materials are, concrete products are unique, making no two products the same. Each product will have slight variations and imperfections that naturally occur during manufacturing. At Coulter Designs, we never sell the idea of perfect products because, with any natural material, it is not possible. What we do promise is expertly crafted products that will last a lifetime.


Weight 12.8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 13 in